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TR-19 Cyclotron

High performance cyclotron, for the production of PET isotopes. The only PET cyclotron with real variable energy and up to 400 μA of beam current.


With an extended energy range, the TR-19 is the only commercially available PET cyclotron with an external ion source. Its extended variable energy range, 12 MeV to 19 MeV and highest proton beam current, up to 400 μA, make it a perfect choice for the widest range of applications, from academic research to commercial medical isotope production.

Features of the TR-19

Variable Energy

Only cyclotron in its class that can provide real variable energy spectrum, on each target port, from 12 to 19 MeV. This unique feature provides additional flexibility by allowing users to adjust the proton beam energy, on each target, on each irradiation, in order to optimize the radionuclidic purity of the radioisotope being produced.

Highest beam power

The TR-19 cyclotron is available in four models, with maximum beam currents from 150 μA to 400 μA. The high intensity beam offers the highest production capacity available in a PET cyclotron. Every cyclotron model is upgradeable in factory or on-site, which will serve not only your production needs today, but will also ensure your facility has built-in capacity for future growth.

Lowest downtime. Easiest and fastest cyclotron servicing.

There is no need to open the main vacuum tank of the cyclotron during servicing of ion source, targets or extraction probes. All systems that require routine maintenance on the TR-19 cyclotron are located outside of the main vacuum tank.

A complete line of fully integrated solid, liquid and gas targets

ACSI provides a complete line of target solutions for the production of all PET radioisotopes commonly used in Nuclear Medicine. On the TR-19 cyclotron the targets are mounted to a target selector which allows target position adjustment during beam irradiation. Up to 8 targets can be installed at the same time. All target ports are interchangeable and the targets can be easily removed from the target selector when maintenance is required.

Unique Shielding Solutions

The TR-19 cyclotron is available in nonshielded, shielded and locally shielded configuration.

Our unique local target shielding solution:

  • Virtually eliminates radiation exposure to the operator during routine cyclotron maintenance.
  • Allows for thinner vault walls
  • Significantly reduces activation of the concrete, subsequently lowering the decommissioning costs.

Have a Question?

Please view the list of frequently asked questions below. If you still can’t find an answer to your question(s), please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACSI offer two ion sources?

Some manufacturers of internal ion source cyclotrons offer two sources as a way to lower the downtime as a consequence of opening the cyclotron main tank for ion source replacement. In external ion source cyclotrons, such as the TR-19, there is no need for a redundant ion source. It takes only a few minutes to replace the filament on the external ion source and it doesn’t require to open cyclotron main tank. In addition the cyclotron control system provides a tracking of filament life, allowing for a scheduled replacement with no unplanned downtime.

What does variable energy mean?

Radial motion of the extraction probe in the TR-19 cyclotron allows the end-user to select and extract protons with any energy in the range from 12 MeV to 19 MeV with a precision of 0.1 MeV. The cyclotron can be operated in either single or dual beam mode with the selected energy. This approach is very different from what can be found in some other cyclotron models /manufacturers where beam energy is fixed at two points, for example 18 MeV and 13 MeV, and can not be adjusted. In addition, with the fix energy approach, the beam with lower energy can only be delivered to factory selected targets, typically one or two. On the TR-19 cyclotron any target can be irradiated at any energy within the cyclotron energy range.

What is the advantage of cryo-pumps?

Use of cryo-pumps allows to maintain clean, oil-free vacuum in the TR-19 cyclotron. The operational vacuum level of approximately 1×10-6 torr, ensures high, >95% beam transmission from the center of the cyclotron to the extraction point, and therefore extremely low activation of the cyclotron magnet by the stripped beam. Activation of the TR-19 cyclotron tank and magnet is an order of magnitude lower compared to the internal ion source cyclotrons that employ oil diffusion pumps. In addition to a cleaner and higher vacuum, the “closed” cryo-pump system prevents radioactivity from entering into the cyclotron room or ventilation system in case of a target leak or accidental foil rupture. All radioactive gases and liquids ejected from the target are trapped in the cryo-pumps where they can decay for several hours and then be safely released.