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Technology that is Unmatched

Cyclotrons designed for rapid, reliable and high yielding production of radioisotopes for the biomedical community.

The most advanced Commercial Cyclotrons in the world

For over 30 years, ACSI has been designing and manufacturing the most innovative and advanced cyclotron systems in the world. From the beginning, with the 1st TR-30 cyclotron commissioned for Nordion in 1989, ACSI set a benchmark in commercial cyclotron performance, versatility and reliability.

Every cyclotron model that we design and built has its unique features and capabilities that have not yet been matched. We have set records in every category/class of cyclotrons:

  • The highest beam current
  • the highest uptime
  • the highest F-18 production yield
  • the widest range of beam energy extracted
  • the most compact high energy cyclotron

Compare Cyclotrons

TR-19 Cyclotron

TR-24 Cyclotron

TR-FLEX Cyclotron

TR-30 Cyclotron
Variable Energy12 MeV to 19 MeV15 MeV to 25 MeV12 MeV to 30 MeV15 MeV to 33 MeV
Maximum Beam Current400 μA800 μA800 μA1600 μA
Ion SourceExternalExternalExternalExternal
Magnet orientationVerticalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontal
External Beam Lines0 – 20 – 62 – 62 – 6